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First Raspberry Pi Jam!

Whew! Yesterday I ran a workshop for the Capital District Makerspace at the Edison Tech Center in Schenectady on ‘Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi’. We had roughly a dozen or so Raspberry Pi’s being used, and twice as many attendees, so it was a quite a turnout for our first Pi Jam. The workshop helped everyone through the initial bootup process, establishing SSH connections into the Pi, updating and installing new software, setting up VNC access, a tour of the desktop, and finally how to use the GPIO pins to light an LED and detect a pressed button. All in 3 hours. A copy of my presentation can be found here.

With such a large group, we now have a good user community in the Capital District and we’re going to set up a dedicated forum for Pi users to ask questions and share projects. We’ll also try to make the Pi Jam a regular monthly event now that we’ve worked out all the kinks of running such an event! I think next month will just be dedicated to the different ways of using the GPIO pins to control LEDs, DC motors, Servos, Steppers and read information from sensors. That will EASILY fill another 3 hours!


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Bouncing Droplets Exhibit Quantum behaviors

I just found this really excellent blog called “Fuck Yeah Fluid Dynamics” which is filled with a veritable cornucopia of physics-pron. The post that clinched it for me is the demonstration that a bouncing droplet can exhibit the particle-wave duality found in Quantum Mechanics, and ties some links to early quantum theories which had a formative impact in the current theory.

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