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An interesting study in economies of scale

It’s been shown through empirical evidence recently that small batches of some types of product are economically viable, and unlock a class of ¬†potential items that would not otherwise be available because of their below-mass-market appeal. Kickstarter has definitely exposed this reality, especially in the technology section where it is possible to see consumer / prosumer / enthusiast devices being offered in volumes that are measured in the 100’s, not millions. I just can across this interesting study from Octopart that shows the total cost of a product containing a spectrum of sourced parts as a function of volume, and it’s clear that the point where scale pricing really kicks in is rather early. The study is well worth a read for anyone considering the prospect of a specialized device that might only have a market measured in 1000’s rather than millions.


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Tech Valley Makers Meeting – SUCCESS

The Tech Valley Makers had their first meeting on Nov 28th, and it was a resounding success! Pulled from all over the Capital District, we had over 30 people show up at Union College to talk about Kickstarter, 3D Printers and the Raspberry Pi! My feet have not hit the ground since the meeting, because a group that size means there is a substantial demand for a Makerspace in the region, and there are some opportunities to make that happen sooner rather than later, given the amount of interest out there.

For now we are piggy-backing on a web site that was set up for a prior attempt to get a Makerspace in the region, and in the next few weeks we will ratify a formal name for the group which can be used for the non-profit and all official business. For now, much of the discussion is taking place at the Capital District Industrial Club web site. 

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