Untethered Pi

October 18, 2012 at 2:21 am Leave a comment

Reconfigured the Pi to stop booting into a LXDM desktop on the main display (HDMI) and instead create a VNC server with a default resolution matching my MacBook Pro so I could use that as my display when working on the Pi. As much as I like having a huge screen by using my HDTV, it just doesn’t cut it in clarity compared to my (non-Retina) display on my Mac. These eyes must be getting old or something. For setting up the vnc server, I basically just followed the directions here, with the user-specific startup script being used rather than the first one which runs as root (ugh!). Once that was working with Chicken of the VNC on my Mac, I used the raspi-config tool on the Pi to change the boot behavior to stop booting to a desktop. No need to squander precious memory running a desktop that I’m not looking at!

All this has a purpose of course, which is to allow me to disconnect the Pi from everything and move it to my worktable (see picture). Tomorrow I’ll solder the connector for the Pi-to-breadboard adapter that came with the Raspberry Pi Starter Kit that I bought at Maker Fair in NYC, then I can dig into Ch 8 of “Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi” that covers basic I/O. Access to the early release for the book is available both through the kit, and also through the Safari Books Online.

The Pi is on top of the Make: Electronics book, connected to my battery for portable power. Left is the iPad with Ch 8 of the “Getting Started with Raspberry Pi” on the Safari Books Online app, and right is the Mac running fullscreen VNC to the Pi.


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