Maker Faire 2012 NYC

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A bit over a week ago I went to Maker Faire NYC 2012. I only had a day, so I went on Sept 29th, and it was pretty clear I should have booked the whole weekend to really get everything that was going on. Still, despite the compressed timeframe, I managed to get a good taste of the whole event, everything from onsite vendors, product demos, talks and exhibitions of a wide range of maker creations. It was a very family friendly event too, lots of things for kids to do which I think is really essential for growing a maker culture over the long term.

The Fablicator 3D printer in the process of making a frog.

Since it was a rainy day, I decided to skip bringing the full photo gear and just use my iPhone for pics.  I was surprised to see how many RepRap variants were present, either as individual built units, or kits that were on sale. There were also several units that were sufficiently removed from the RepRap project as to be unique in their own right, and many that had a very polished build.  The Fablicator shown above was a great example of a professional looking product that still had a low cost in comparison to the big guns of Stratasys and others.

There were many Kickstarter projects (both past and present) on display, which was a great chance to see some of the outcomes and potential for tech gear coming out through the Kickstarter process. The most impressive Kickstarter project was the Form1 Stereolithography 3D Printer from Formlabs, and they had units on site to show how it works and some of the things that they’ve printed with their prototypes. Very Cool!

I highly recommend checking out the Maker Faire web site to find out when and where the next one will be near you (they’re popping up all over the place).  They also have many posted many videos on YouTube from talks and panel discussions at the event, including this one on Makerspaces that I attended and found very interesting.I’ve been itching to be involved with a Makerspace in the Capital District area for a while now, and while there seems to be some low-level activity in this area, it hasn’t caught fire yet… I’m going to try to get involved and see if it can become something more.


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